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Section V: Reporting

v 49.0

Section V: Reporting

BSC Simple Guide


Section V of the BSC sets out:

    1. details of the Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service (BMRS) BMRS;

    2. other reporting requirements from BSC Agents to Parties, the Authority and/or for public reporting.


The Authority and Elexon are entitled to have the BMRS (High Grade Service) made available to them and to receive, on request, a copy of any other report specified in Section V, without charge.

The Reporting Catalogue is a Code Subsidiary Document that specifies the data items to be contained in each of the reports that are listed in Section V: Annex V-1.

Any failure to make data available on the BMRS or to provide a report to a Party, or any errors or inaccuracies in the data made available, do not alter or affect the rights and obligations of Parties in relation to Settlement. Furthermore no Party can have a claim or entitlement against any BSC Agent, Market Index Data Provider, any Financial Service Provider, Elexon, NETSO or any other Party as a result of the availability or non-availability of data on the BMRS or as a result of any error or inaccuracy in the data.

Section V states that: each Party irrevocably and unconditionally consents to data being published on the BMRS or by Elexon, to the extent that Section V provides for the publication of that data. Such data is not regarded as Confidential Information for the purposes of Section H. Furthermore, each Party irrevocably and unconditionally consents to the disclosure to and use by Parties or other people of data made available to them by BSC Agents other than by the Balancing Mechanism Reporting Agent (BMRA) under Section V.


The BMRS is a service provided by the BMRA. The BMRS is made available as a High Grade Service and a Low Grade Service. The Low Grade Service is free to BSC Parties, whereas provision of the High Grade Service is subject to certain charges as specified in Section D. Any Party or any other person can request the High Grade Service. The specification for the BMRS is in the Communication Requirements Document and the High Grade and Low Grade Services must be made available in accordance with that specification. Where the High Grade Service is made available to a person other than a Party, the person must enter into an agreement with Elexon. The person must also agree to pay a one-off administration charge and charges equivalent to those payable by Parties for use of the High Grade Service.

The BMRS reports to Parties and publishes:

    1. data relating to the Transmission System or provided by NETSO relating to balancing services activities (i.e. the arrangements covered in Section Q);

    2. Electricity Balancing Guideline (EBGL) Local Data submitted by the NETSO;

    3. data relating to the aforementioned Transmission System, or NETSO data which has been established by the BMRS; and

    4. other data that the BSC specifies shall be published on the BMRS; and

    5. Inside Information Data; and

    6. the Settlement Exchange Rate

The data referred to in sub-paragraph (b) above includes a range of Indicative values based upon calculations that are, in part, set out in Section T. This data is labelled Indicative to reflect the fact that the values are estimates only – when they are calculated not all of the data required to calculate the non-indicative values is available (for example, the estimated Transmission Loss Multipliers ETLMO+ and ETLMO-, are used rather than the actual Transmission Loss Multipliers, TLMO+ and TLMO-). Actual values will be used in Settlement. If the BMRA is unable to calculate these indicative values, it must report the matter to Elexon and, where it is unable to calculate the values due to not having received the necessary information from NETSO, contact NETSO to resolve the matter.

The data received by the BMRA is:

    1. data from NETSO (the data specified in Section Q as being provided to the BMRA);

    2. data from each Market Index Data Provider (the data specified in Section T, to the timescales specified therein);

    3. BM Unit registration data (from the Central Registration Agent (CRA));

    4. ETLMO+ ETLMO and Inside Information Data (from Elexon);

    5. Transparency Regulation Data (from the NETSO);

    6. EBGL Local Data (from the NETSO); and

    7. Settlement Exchange Rates (from the Financial Service Provider).

Data provided to the BMRS by NETSO as specified in Section Q must be available on the BMRS within five minutes of its receipt from NETSO or, in the case of Transparency Regulation Data, as soon as reasonably practicable after such data is received by the BMRA. Data established by the BMRA which relates to a Settlement Period must be made available on the BMRS within thirty minutes of the end of the Settlement Period to which it relates.

The BMRA Data Catalogue lists the data that is published on the BMRS, the frequency with which it is published, the format in which it is published and the default values to be applied in the event that information is not provided for a particular period by the times required for that data under Section Q.

In the event that the BMRA does not receive data, or does not receive data in the form required by the BSC, it must report this to the person responsible for providing the data. The BMRA must store data it receives for at least 12 months after the Settlement Day to which the data relates (or if forecast data, for at least 12 months after the day that the data was provided) or, in the case of Transparency Regulation Data, for a period of at least five years after the day on which the data was provided.

Reporting By Other BSC Agents

Section V also specifies reporting requirements for other BSC Agents. The reports to be provided by the Settlement Administration Agent (SAA), Energy Contract Volume Aggregation Agent (ECVAA), Central Registration Agent (CRA), Central Data Collection Agent (CDCA), Funds Administration Agent (FAA) and Supplier Volume Allocation Agent (SVAA) are listed in the Tables of Section V: Annex V-1. Further reporting requirements may be specified elsewhere in the BSC and/or in a Code Subsidiary Document.

The Tables of Section V: Annex V-1 specify the name of each report to be provided, a summary description of the data to be included in the report, the frequency of the report and the recipients of the report. Details of the data to be provided in each report are contained in the Reporting Catalogue. If the recipient of the report is described as "Relevant Party", this means that the report goes to the Party to which the data contained in the report relates. If the recipient is described as "Any Party (on request)" then, using the forms provided in BSCP41, any Party can request a copy of the report. If the recipient is described as "All Suppliers" then the report is sent to all Suppliers in the GSP Group to which the data relates. If the recipient is described as "Any persons (on request)" then any person or company can request the report (whether an Acceded Party or not). Note that the same report can have multiple recipients shown as eligible to receive the report.

Reports are sent to Parties in accordance with the communications specified in Section O or to persons other than Parties by such means as the BSC Panel may determine from time to time. In addition, as outlined earlier, Elexon and the Authority are entitled to receive a copy of any report.

When a person who is not a Party requests data to which they are entitled, such data will not be distributed until that person has entered into an agreement with Elexon and until payment (representing the reasonable costs of providing this data) has been received by Elexon. Elexon, with the approval of the BSC Panel, will determine the nature of this agreement.

Reporting by Elexon

Elexon maintains an up-to-date record of Working Day and Non Working Day Credit Assessment Load Factor (WDCALF/NWDCALF) values applying to each BM Unit, the principles or guidance established by the Panel for assigning CALF values to BM Units, the Credit Assessment Price (CAP), the Transmission Loss Factors (TLF), Line Loss Factors and the coefficient α (used in the calculation of TLMs). Elexon publishes this information on the BSC website and/or the Elexon Portal and will make this data available to any person on request via the BSC Service Desk.

Elexon also makes available certain data referred to as "market data". Market data is the following:

    1. Central Registration Service (CRS) registration data, specifically the name and identification number of each Party and the registration data of each BM Unit (as specified in Section A and Section K);

    2. the Funding Shares of each Trading Party (Section D);

    3. the Indicative Balancing Services Adjustment Data (IBSAD) and Balancing Services Adjustment Data (BSAD) (Section Q);

    4. the System Sell Price (SSP) and System Buy Price (SBP) (Section T);

    5. Credit Default statements (Section M);

    6. the Market Index Data (Section T); and

    7. Supplier Market Share Data (Annex S-2).

The data referred to in paragraphs (a) to (f) above are published on the Elexon Portal. The data referred to in paragraph (g) above will be published on the BSC website.

The Panel can determine that from a specified date, any or all of market data, CALF guidance, CAP, TLFs and α(alpha) to be made available on the BMRS rather than the BSC website.

EMR Settlement Data Requirements

Elexon must provide such data, information and reports to any CfD Settlement Services Provider and any CfD Counterparty as they reasonably require in order to discharge their EMR settlement functions. Elexon must provide to the Panel a schedule of the data it is providing under these provisions, an explanation of why that data is reasonably required and a copy of the data licence.

If the Panel considers that any data (not being publicly available, available to any person on request or required by EMR legislation) is not reasonably required then the matter should be referred to the CfD Counterparty whose determination is final and binding.

Elexon must provide such data, information and reports to the relevant Capacity Market administrative parties as is required under any EMR legal requirement. Elexon must provide to the Panel a schedule of the data it is providing and a copy of the data licence.

A schedule of data provided by Elexon for CfD settlement and Capacity Market settlement must be published on the BSC website.

Anonymised MSID Pair Delivered Volume Data

MSID Pair Delivered Volume Data is published monthly on the BSC website. It is provided at market level in an anonymised format so that the Metering System(s) to which the data relates are not identifiable.

Transparency Regulation Data Requirements

As soon as reasonably possible following receipt of Transparency Regulation data from the Transmission Company, the BMRA shall submit that data, and any Transparency Regulation data that is already held by the BMRA, to the ENTSO-E.

Requirements for the data, formats and timeframes are specified in the Transparency Regulation and any procedures specified by the ENTSO-E. Timeframes for submission of data to ENTSO-E are target times, which the BMRA is expected to meet unless exceptional circumstances prevent it from doing so.

Settlement Exchange Rate Requirements

Elexon may, from time to time, appoint a service provider (approved by the Panel) to provide daily exchange rate (the Settlement Exchange Rate) data to the BMRA.

The BMRA must publish such Settlement Exchange Rate on BMRS as soon as reasonably possible after receipt. If the Settlement Exchange Rate is not provided to BMRS then the BMRS shall use the previous day’s rate.

Need more information?

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