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BSC Framework Agreement

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BSC Framework Agreement

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BSC Framework Agreement

The BSC Framework Agreement is the agreement signed by those members of the Electricity Pool of England and Wales, BSCCo, the Authority and the NETSO (known as the Original Parties) by which the BSC was made contractually binding the Original Parties in 2000.

Electricity licensees and others wishing to become Parties to the BSC must accede to the Framework Agreement. They do so through signing an Accession Agreement (see BSC Section A) which binds them in to the BSC contractually. By signing and/or acceding to the BSC Framework Agreement each Party undertakes to each other BSC Party to comply with and perform its obligations as set out in, and in accordance with, and subject to the BSC.

The Framework Agreement also contains ‘legal boilerplate’ provisions on certain matters, specifically on severance, counterparts, address for service and governing law.

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