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Operational Support Managers

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Operations Support Management Service

Guidance Note

This document covers:

    • The services offered by OSMs

    • How you are appointed an OSM

    • How to find out who your OSM is

Who can have an OSM?

We have a team of Operational Support Managers (OSMs) assigned to our customers to provide dedicated, high quality customer support and guidance on the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) arrangements.

If you’re a Supplier or Supplier Agent, an OSM is assigned automatically after successful Qualification to the BSC. If you need additional support during the Qualification process then an OSM can be allocated earlier. Other Trading Party roles that typically require less support (Generators, Non Physical Traders etc.) are assigned an OSM on request.

What are the key responsibilities of an OSM?

OSMs are similar to account managers in that they work closely with our customers to ensure that the following service lines are fulfilled:

Operational Support

    • OSMs provide support on operational and technical issues related to the BSC. Any query can be submitted to your OSM and they will provide support on a reasonable endeavours basis.

    • OSMs facilitate regular meetings with you to provide updates and discuss any issues. As part of this process OSMs also follow up on any outstanding actions.

    • OSMs also bring to your attention any relevant Modifications and Change Proposals (CPs).

Error and Failure Resolution

The Error and Failure Resolution (EFR) process gives Elexon and the industry assurance that any performance issue identified through the Performance Assurance Framework (PAF) is fully understood by your business, and that corrective action is robust and effective. It is also a mechanism for us to provide advice, guidance and training to you and your team.

    • OSMs discuss performance issues with you, and monitor that you are following your action plans.

    • OSMs facilitate the delivery of training and education sessions on market issues to you and your team if you need additional support in areas impacting your overall performance. This falls under the ‘Education’ Performance Assurance Technique within the PAF and OSMs will provide this support in plain English wherever possible. However, the responsibility remains with parties to operate under the provisions of the BSC from understanding and correctly applying its detailed requirements.

Customer Relations

    • OSMs strive to understand your business so that we deliver services that suit your needs.

    • Working with you, OSMs identify opportunities and provide tailored education, data and guidance.

    • OSMs are a conduit for feedback about Elexon’s activities and operation of the BSC.

    • OSMs keep you informed of relevant events and corporate developments.

When can you see your OSM?

    • Visits can be arranged by contacting your OSM directly or emailing Also, when you are at our offices you can contact your OSM via our reception desk.

What other methods of contacting Elexon can you use?

    • While the OSM service enables you to have direct contact with Elexon, the BSC Service Desk is also a source of advice and help for the resolution of operational queries:

Who is your OSM?

Need more information?

If you have any questions, please email

For more information please contact the BSC Service Desk or call 0370 010 6950.

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