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ECVAA Web Service (EWS)

v 7.0

ECVAA Web Service (EWS)

Guidance Note

What is the ECVAA Web Service (EWS)?

The ECVAA Web Service (EWS) is a web-based reporting and submission tool that provides users with Energy Contract Volume Notification (ECVN) and Metered Volume Reallocation Notification (MVRN) data. The EWS also enables users to submit contracts (ECVNs & MVRNs) and produce reports through an easy to use, secure web interface.

Please note that the EWS should not be considered a substitute for having access to facilities that enable communication with the BSC Central Systems. If you have any queries about this, please contact the BSC Service Desk.

Who can use the EWS?

This service is available to all BSC Parties, Metered Volume Reallocation Notification Agents (MVRNAs) and Energy Contract Volume Notification Agents (ECVNAs).

What are the key benefits of EWS?

    • Provides you with an overview of all ECVN and MVRN contracts that are in the ECVAA system for your Party ID over a seven-day period.

    • Allows notification Agents to submit up to 50 ECVNs or 50 MVRNs at a time.

    • Allows BSC Parties to view all contracts for which they are a counter party.

    • Clearly displays ECVN and MRVN contract data separated by Production and Consumption accounts, with details of the latest transaction displayed as a point of reference.

    • Alerts you to update expired data.

    • Allows you to filter data by:

      • Counterparty;

      • Settlement Day; or

      • Settlement Period.

And specifically for MVRN Data by:

      • Balancing Mechanisms (BM) Units; or

      • BSC Party.

What are the specific benefits for ECVNAs and MVRNAs?

    • Allows ECVNAs and MVRNAs to create and submit up to 50 ECVNs and MVRNs at a time to the ECVAA system.

    • Provides access to standard forms to ensure that ECVNs and MVRNs are submitted which meet the IDD specifications.

    • Auto-populates fields in new contract forms based on the ECVNA or MVRNA Authorisation ID (ID registered in ECVAA which represents the relationship between two counterparties).

    • Provides acknowledgments (one per upload) from the ECVAA system back to the EWS web browser.

    • Allows ECVNAs and MVRNAs to copy or edit previous notifications to save time.

    • Provides a count of all contracts submitted per ECVNA or MVRNA Authorisation ID.

What does it look like?

Example of an ECVN Position overview

complex image of process

Example of contract summary for an ECVNA

complex image of process

Example of a contract summary for an MVRNA

complex image of process


Is the EWS Secure?

Yes. The EWS uses XSec encryption for the generation of Login Credential Files (LCFs) to authenticate users.

Can I use EWS as well as the standard FTP submission method?

Yes, you can submit contracts using both EWS (single submissions or bulk upload) and standard FTP submission without affecting sequence numbers.

How much does it cost?

It’s free to BSC Parties, ECVNAs & MVRNAs.

Can I order EWS before I have completed the Market Entry process?

No. Your market role must be registered in BSC Central Systems via BSCP65 & BSCP71 before you can order the service.

How do I order the EWS?

You should email the BSC Service Desk requesting access to the EWS.

Once we have received and processed your order we will send you an email which explains how to create Login Credentials files using the XSec Manager Graphical User Interface. If you don’t have access to your party’s XSec Manager, we can instruct you how to download the XSec v3.0 software and User Guide from the ELEXON Portal.

Need more information?

For more information please contact the BSC Service Desk or call 0370 010 6950.

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