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D0313 – Auxiliary Meter Technical Details

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D0313 – Auxiliary Meter Technical Details

Guidance Note


This note provides guidance to Balance and Settlement Code (BSC) Parties with their obligations regarding transfer of D03131 data flows, outlined in BSCP5142.

What is D0313?

The D0313 data flow is associated with the transfer of Auxiliary Meter Technical Details (MTD) for Non-Half Hourly (NHH) trading. D0313 flows must include, among other details:

Communications and security information to accompany NHH Meter Technical Details for AMR Meter Types” – Master Registration Agreement Service Company (MRA)

D0313 flows provide for the transfer of security information, notably Level One, Two and Three Passwords. Elexon have noticed a significant number of industry wide non-conformities relating to missing Level Three Passwords in respect of D0313 transfers. This is particularly concerning as Level Three Passwords are required for Meter recalibration and when missing can lead to Meter readings not being collected.

Who provides D0313 flows?

It is the Meter Operating Agent’s (MOA’s) responsibility for the maintenance and transfer of Auxiliary MTDs.

When is the transfer of D0313 flows required?

The transfer of a D0313 flow is required after the MOA has received a D01703, typically following the below events:

    • Change of MOA;

    • Change of Non-Half Hourly Data Collector (NHHDC);

    • Change of Supplier;

    • Concurrent change of MOA and Supplier;

    • Change of connection by Licensed Distribution System Operator (LDSO);

    • Reconfiguration or replacement of Meter; and

    • Change of Measurement Class.

Flow charts summarising BSCP514 Party obligations for the above events are provided in Attachments.

Missing or partially missing Auxiliary MTDs?

In the event of D0313 details not being transferred or being incomplete (missing Level Three Passwords, for example), please follow the escalation process outlined below:

    1. Request MTDs from previous MOA;

    2. Request MTDs from installing MOA;

    3. Inform registrant of missing MTDs; and

    4. Inform Elexon of missing MTDs.

Please note that each step in the escalation process should be completed prior to moving on to the next.

Elexon will be monitoring Party performance and expects an auditable evidence trail of the above steps to be made available upon request.

Further Information

For more information please contact the BSC Service Desk or call 0370 010 6950.

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2 BSCP514 – Standard Volume Allocation (SVA) Meter Operations for Metering Systems Registered in Supplier Meter Registration Service (SMRS)

3 D0170 ‘Request for Metering System Related Details’