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Central Management Systems - Customers

Guidance Note

Central Management Systems – Customers

This factsheet is to help you as a customer benefit from a CMS (Central Management System). We explain what a CMS is, its place in Unmetered Supplies arrangements, and how to work with CMS manufacturers, the local Distribution business and electricity Suppliers.

Introducing CMS

Central Management Systems, also known as telemanagement, are the next step in remote dynamic street lighting control. Using a CMS the operator can choose exactly when to switch each individual street light on or off and/or by how much to reduce the lamp power. This allows any number of switching events and/or dimming levels. Currently only a single dimming level can be accommodated without a CMS. There are also other benefits such as lamp monitoring etc.

What is required to Benefit from CMS?

To use a CMS in the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) Unmetered Supplies arrangements, you need to take these steps:

    • Ensure the Central Management System has been approved for use under the BSC.

Manufacturers should contact Elexon to arrange to test the CMS and begin the approval process.

    • The CMS operator (local, borough and county councils, etc) must trade Half Hourly and have appointed a CMS-capable Meter Administrator (MA). If you currently trade Non-Half Hourly, please contact your Supplier and Unmetered Supplies Operator (UMSO) or Distribution Business. You will need to discuss switching to Half-Hourly trading, and then appoint a CMS-Capable MA.

For a complete list of all BSC approved Central Management Systems and CMS Capable MAs, go to: Central Management Systems.

If a CMS uses mains-borne signalling, the Customer must seek the agreement of the UMSO to use it. BSC approval of a CMS (using mains-borne signalling) does not give the Customer a right to transmit signals over the local electricity Distribution Network.

If you have any questions regarding this aspect of the approval process, please contact Elexon. We can put you in contact with the relevant UMSO.

What are the Main Roles and Key Terms You’ll Encounter?

Dynamic Data – This is traditionally data which uses the actual switching times of a representative sample of photocells contained in a Photoelectric Control Unit (PECU) array. The data recorded by a CMS is also dynamic data, as the actual events being recorded are used in the calculation of consumption.

Half-Hourly (HH) – HH data is the energy consumption of a customer in kWh, for each half hour of every day. HH uses dynamic data. In order to trade HH a Meter Administrator must be appointed.

Non-Half-Hourly (NHH) – NHH does not use any dynamic data and instead uses an estimated number of annual hours for each type of photocell. Customers trading NHH cannot take advantage of dynamic data.

Meter Administrator (MA) – is the qualified agent which provides the Half-Hourly consumption data into Settlement through its Equivalent Meter (EM). It manages PECU arrays and processes CMS data.

Equivalent Meter (EM) – the MA uses an EM to calculate and then pass the consumption information into Settlement. Suppliers use this information when calculating customers’ energy bills.

    • MA System (for example Lailoken or Lamp) + PECU Array = Equivalent Meter

    • MA System (for example Lailoken) + CMS = CMS-Capable Equivalent Meter

Unmetered Supplies Operator (UMSO) (a role within the Distribution Business) – is responsible for looking after all of the Unmetered Supplies on its Network. It makes new connections and decides what equipment is suitable for use as an Unmetered Supply. The UMSO provides a summarised inventory to the MA for non-CMS equipment and also sends the control file to the MA for CMS-controlled equipment.

Brief Overview of Unmetered Supplies arrangements and CMS

Below is a simplified view of the interactions and data flows between the parties involved in Unmetered Supplies for CMS and non-CMS interactions.

complex image of process

Need more information?

For all CMS enquiries, please contact Kevin Spencer, Market Analysis Consultant & CMS Coordinator Phone: 020 7380 4115: kevin.spencer@Elexon.co.uk

For further information please contact the BSC Service Desk or call 0370 010 6950.

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