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Trading Dispute Process for erroneous Large EAC/AA

v 3.0

Trading Dispute Process for Erroneous Large EAC / AA

Guidance Note


Where an erroneous Meter register reading, Estimated Annual Consumption (EAC) or Annualised Advance (AA) has passed through the Final Reconciliation Settlement Run (RF), the metered data which has crystallised cannot be altered without an approved Trading Dispute.

This document provides guidance on how to raise a Trading Dispute to facilitate the correction of erroneous large EAC/ AA instances that have crystallised. This document does not apply where a large EAC/AA reflects genuine high consumption or was created as part of the Gross Volume Correction (GVC) process.

Prior to raising a Trading Dispute

Upon receipt of the Instance Report please follow all the steps below:

    • Identify all instances of erroneous large EAC/AA;

    • Check if each instance of erroneous large EAC/AA has crossed the RF boundary;

    • If the above is true, confirm if each instance of erroneous large EAC/AAs can be corrected through a GVC – please see Gross Volume Correction (GVC) for further detail;

    • If the instances of erroneous large EAC/AAs can no longer be corrected through a GVC, assess the material impact of the error on Settlement. Confirm if it exceeds the Trading Dispute threshold for valid disputes, which is set at £3,000;

    • Confirm what led to the instance of the erroneous large EAC/AA and clearly identify what part of the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) and/or its subsidiary documents has been breached; and

    • If the materiality of the error exceeds £3,000 and there has been a breach of the BSC and/or its subsidiary documents, raise a Trading Dispute.

How to raise a Trading Dispute

In order to raise a Trading Dispute, a Party should send a completed ‘Trading Dispute Raising Form’ (BSCP11/01) to the Disputes Secretary. This can be sent via email to

Filling out the BSCP11/01 form

Please refer to the notes provided in the lower part of this page for guidance on the sections indicated in red. Ensure all other sections of the form are filled out.

complex image of process

1.) Ensure that a category ‘A’ or ‘O’ authorised signatory signs the form. Otherwise, the Trading Dispute will not be accepted and progressed further

2.) State 'SVA Non-half Hourly’.

3.) Ignore this section unless correction has been made to the erroneous large EAC/AA for Settlement Days in the fluid period.

4.) State the range of Settlement Days affected by the erroneous large EAC/AA.

5.) State the erroneous large EAC/AA that has been applied in Settlement, and provide the profiled half hourly or daily consumption data (based on the erroneous large EAC/AA) for the affected period.

6.) Propose a new EAC/AA and explain how it was calculated (e.g. what are the Meter reads used in the calculation?). Please also provide the profiled half hourly or daily consumption data (based on the proposed correct AA) for the affected period.

7.) For more information regarding exceptional circumstances, please refer to BSCP11 section 2.2).

What to Expect Next

After a Trading Dispute has been raised, Elexon will use the information provided to assess if the Trading Dispute is valid. If more information is required, Elexon will request it via a Request for Assistance Form (BSCP11/03). You must respond to the request within 5 working days.

If the Trading Dispute is considered valid by Elexon, it will be presented to the Trading Disputes Committee (TDC) for a decision. You will be informed of the TDC’s decision via the TDC Trading Dispute Findings Form (BSCP11/07). If the TDC approves rectification of the dispute, the relevant Data Collector will be permitted to issue the corrective AA for the Post Final Settlement Run (DF).

Please note that issuing a corrective AA for a period falling outside of the RF boundary without an upheld Trading Dispute constitutes a non-compliant action. The AA would need to be withdrawn or reinstated with the RF view of data until a Trading Dispute is approved by the TDC.

Further Information

For more information please contact the Disputes and Compliance team at Disputes.

For any other information contact the BSC Service Desk or call 0370 010 6950

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